Artificial Cherry Tomato on Vine
One bunch of small cherry or grape tomatoes on the vine. All artificial. Measures 4" X 3" X 8". Perfect for vegetable arrangements or garden basket displays! For decorative use only.
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Artificial Cherry Tomato, Bag of 24
Small cherry tomato, bag of 24, with plastic stem and small felt-like leaves. Some tomatoes are red and some are red with a yellow/orange/green tinge (slightly unripened). They have a 1.25" approximate size. Perfect for displays, craft projects, etc.
Artificial Tomato, 3", Box of 12
Artificial Red Tomato for decorating and displaying in your window sill or in a fruit bowl. Perfect weight and texture and color! Fabric leaves and small stem. 2.5" high and 3.25" diameter. Slight dimple on the bottom. Individually wrapped box...
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